Some of our foxes posing for the camera

Rescue foxes Casper, Tonia, Finnegan, and Farrah Foxett my personal pet. Our only fox here that was a gift from a breeder.

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Hello !
I have rescued animals from Goldens, to cats, to Pommerianians . I am intrigued with foxes and have been following Juniper Fox on FB. From her FB page I found your website.
I’ve looked over your entire site and have a question. How do foxes intermingle with small dogs ( POMS) and cats ( older & fat). Our oldest Pom crossed The Rainbow bridge last December. She was 14 years old. So we are down one. All of our pets are rescued. Sad stories, that are now happy ones.
I have read what needs to be done before you want to rescue.
Per your answer and how a rescued fox would assimilate into our pack, will help me on this quest to adopt a fox.
Blessings to you ❤️

Foxes, when raised with cats and dogs in a comfortable friendly environment. Do wonderful with them! It is always the question of how your dogs or cats would react?
A bad experience could however affect how a fox will be with these animals.

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