– Founder / Fox Rescuer –


As a 15 year old girl I volunteered with a wildlife rehabber and fell in love with an orphaned gray fox. That is simply how my love for foxes started. I was told my dream of having foxes was unrealistic and later in my high school senior year I took college vet tech classes. Although I love all animals learning about cats and dogs just did not interest me all that much. Deciding to follow a different path I dropped out of college, drove states away to a fur farm and rescued an Arctic fox I named Fiasco.

I became known in the ‘fox community’ and one year later I was given a domestic Red fox pup. She had a serious upper respiratory infection and was probably going to die. I stayed up with her for 3 days straight bottle feeding her and giving her medications and love. I named her Farrah Foxett and she is now a wonderful happy fox. Next an adult abused pet red fox was dropped off and it took only 3 days for Finnegan Fox to become my best friend and now we are inseparable.

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