A 5x7” fine art print pays homage to the Australian flag and the country’s native animals, of which billions have perished since Australian bushfires began raging in September. 


A massive 15% of the continent's Flying Foxes (fruit bats) were decimated in just the three days preceding Christmas Day.


100% of funds raised from this print will be directed to the WIRES organization (North South Wales Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Services Inc.) This is Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization; more info and additional ways to donate to WIRES can be found here.




  • This special print will ship FREE, WORLDWIDE.

    In order to maximize donations to WIRES, we will be offering to ship this print using USPS First-Class non-parcel mail.  It is important to know that this will not include tracking services unless you select the option. Foregoing tracking (an expense that is always included and provided free for all SaveAFox merchandise) will allow us to donate approximately 20% more to our Australian friends, as opposed to spending it on tracking services. Please select the appropriate tracking option from the dropdown menu if this does not work for you, or email meghan@saveafox.org with any questions about this fundraiser for Australia. 

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