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What got me interested in foxes and what are some of my first experiences?

As a 15 year old girl I volunteered with a wildlife rehabber and fell in love with an orphaned gray fox. That is simply how my love for foxes started. I was told my dream of having foxes was unrealistic and later in my high school senior year I took college vet tech classes. Although I love all animals learning about cats and dogs just did not interest me all that much. Deciding to follow a different path I dropped out of college, drove states away to a fur farm and rescued an Arctic fox I named Fiasco. I began to become known in the ‘fox community’ and one year later I was given a domestic Red fox pup. She had a serious upper respiratory infection and was probably going to die. I stayed up with her for 3 days straight bottle feeding her and giving her medications and love. I named her Farrah Foxett and she is now a wonderful happy fox. Next an adult abused pet red fox was dropped off and it took only 3 days for Finnegan Fox to become my best friend and now we are inseparable.

After visiting a fur farm I saw first hand their living conditions, Small wire cages; most of which are barely big enough for the foxes to turn around in. They live their whole unpleasant lives never being able to put their feet in the cool dirt, play, run, or frolic about as a fox should. Some never even seeing sunlight (they do this so their fur color does not fade). It was devastating to see such beautiful creatures so bored and not getting any kind of love. I knew then what I wanted to do. Save as many foxes as I can. To start I had to follow stringent rules and regulations and secure a USDA license. Then and most importantly to save a fox I needed to have sponsors and adopters qualified to receive their fox. I started my advertising through Instagram by showing people daily pictures and videos of my foxes and my plans of rescuing fur farm foxes. My followers were willing to help. Individuals would sponsor a particular fox by sending his monthly care fees. Or a couple people would get together and all ‘part sponsor’ a particular fox. Also getting the option to adopt foxes and picking them up or having them shipped. Anyone is welcome to fill out an adoption application but not everyone may qualify.

How do I rescue foxes from the fur farms?

Most of the pups I get have been rejected by the mother and I need to finish bottle raising them. Or they may be ill or deformed and would be left to die or inhumanely killed. In 2016 I received a tailless ‘marble fox’ (Miskit) who went to a wonderful home and is so loved by his new owner. Also in 2016 I received a ‘silver white mark’ pup (Matilda) who was missing a foot. She went to a wonderful sanctuary in Florida to be used as a type of educational/service animal.

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Did you get your foxes descented?

Foxes can’t get descented. But they can be spayed and neutered and that can help with marking.

Can foxes go to a normal vet or do they have to go to a special vet?

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