– Live-in Animal Caretaker –


My name is Alexis, and I am the live-in animal care taker at SaveAFox Rescue. On a day to day basis I help Mikayla with completing and documenting animal care routines, managing social media accounts, and hosting visitations for the rescue. I met Mikayla in 2013, as peers volunteering for the Windmill Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation center of Elko, MN. My niche at the shelter shifted from wildlife to the exotic reptile surrenders. You can follow my reptile account on Instagram @shiverveins. (They live at the sanctuary too.) I watched Mikayla’s journey via social media for about a year before my invitation, and found the foxes enchanting. I had never been in the presence of one without a wall of glass, so I’m very excited to now be welcomed into the fox enthusiasts’ family

– Contact Me –

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SaveAFox Rescue
12245 175th St. W.
Lakeville, MN 55044