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These requirements are just a guideline. Fitting all these criteria does not guarantee that you will pass our adoption process. These guidelines are in place to ensure the highest rate of success possible for our foxes placed in homes. When we adopt out a fox, it is with the impression that the home will be their forever home. It is very traumatic for foxes to be rehomed in most situations, there are exceptions to this, but they are very sensitive and often take being rehomed very hard.

Our Basic Adoption Requirements:

  • Must reside within the USA

  • Must live in a legal state, county, and city and follow the local guidelines necessary for fox ownership.

  • Must have general fox care knowledge and be able to pass our fox care quiz as a part of our adoption application. A care guide can be found here: Care Guide

  • Must provide a fox-proof enclosure that is a minimum of 100 square feet per fox.

  • A veterinarian that will see and treat foxes.

  • Must be over the age of 25 years old if you have no previous fox care experience. Under the age of 25, you must have a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer work with us or one of our sister fox sanctuaries. We will have a list near the end of this page.

Fox Kit Adoption Requirements:

We now require first-time fox owners to have 150 hours of verified volunteer hours with us or one of our sister sanctuaries in order to adopt a fox kit.

Over the years we have seen a trend that adopted fox kits do not have as high of a success rate to stay with their adopted home as adult foxes do. We believe this is for several reasons, but primarily because fox kits personalities change so much as they mature. Many people adopt a fox kit with the false expectation that they will be able to raise them to be super friendly and loving foxes just because they raised them from a young age.

With foxes, genetic temperament plays a huge role in their adult behavior. The most coddled and spoiled baby foxes can still grow up to be foxes that can not be touched at all. This can be very disappointing for fox owners, and can even lead to their owners giving them up. When adopting an adult fox, these foxes have already settled into their adult temperaments and there are no surprises. You know if the fox is going to be friendly and social or more standoffish and hands-off.

Sister Sanctuaries Who Accept Volunteers:

These are sister sanctuaries who accept volunteers for you to get volunteer hours with for adoption requirements. There are potentially other places to get these hours such as local rehabs, zoos, and rescues. Contact us to verify.

Faux Fur and Friends In Florida

Fox Tales Florida

Foxes Journey Sanctuary In Michigan

Walking Wild Rescue In Ohio

Basic requirements to adopt a fox

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