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Most of the animals of SaveAFox Rescue are sponsored by people who share a love for animals and their wellbeing. Becoming a sponsor to one of the foxes, mink, or other animals will directly provide for their needs, including veterinary care, nutritious food, and the maintenance of their enclosures.

Each animal has "Platinum Sponsors." This means that as Platinum Sponsor, you are agreeing to pay a monthly payment that goes towards the care of the foxes. Sponsorship does not oblige you to pay extra expenses incurred above the sponsorship fee (although some sponsors still do!) If you become the Primary Sponsor to a new animal that does not already have a name, you may choose the name!

Other people wish to become a "Gold Sponsor"or a "Silver Sponsor" to one of our animals. Your sponsorship provides for the sanctuary and the care of the animals.

Sponsorship is a commitment, but it is not binding.  If you decide you no longer can sponsor, that is absolutely okay! We are thankful for the help you have provided. We just ask that sponsors give us notice of their decision to stop as soon as they can.

If you wish to sponsor, please fill out an application using the links above. Sponsorship fees are collected via PayPal unless other arrangements are made.

Foxx Foxington, an adult arctic fox and adoptable resident of SaveAFox Rescue