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2024 tour dates SOLD OUT! 

Make sure to watch our social media for special events being announced in 2024 too!

                                                   We reopen for tours in early summer 2025.

We hope you have a wonderful time when you tour SAVEAFOX. To make the best of your visit, the following information will be helpful:
- PLEASE do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled tour start time. Guests must be accompanied on site at all times and our small, dedicated team works right up until tour start time caring for our residents
- Guests must sign the liability waiver before their tour
- We are located in Faribault, MN
- Let us know if you are sick! We'll reschedule. While we are vaccinated, we don't want to risk someone else's health
- For all other cancellations, 24hrs notice should be given
- Please maintain social distancing of 6ft while on the property
- Tours booked online will be paid for at the time of booking
- GROUPS ARE A MAX OF 4 PEOPLE. 2 children under 10 may be part of a group of 4 adults but we reserve the right to ask them to stay outside of the yards if they do not interact safely with our foxes. It's for everyone's safety.
- Wear sensible clothing. The foxes pee on people, they may have muddy paws, they may tug on your clothing; there may be hidden poops and small fox holes you could stumble into.
- Due to new USDA rules, we cannot allow guests to bring their own treats, however, tubs will be for sale on the day of your tour for $5. We encourage the purchase of treats to help the foxes interact with you. They are all very food motivated.

- Team SaveAFox 

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