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Mikayla has such a loving heart and her intent to give these animals a healthy, happy existence is truly admirable.

– Kathryn

The purpose of this website is not for profit of any kind. It is to educate people on the suffering of an animal that is perpetuated by the fur trade and to join with me in helping save these beautiful animals. Please understand that I do not breed my foxes. I only rescue them take care of any health issues, spay and neuter and find them good homes.

There are ways for each one of you to help! You can make a donation or you can take a look at the ‘Fox Sponsor’ and ‘Fox Adoption’ applications available on this site. You can also find information on ‘Fox Care’. I strongly recommend people to do LOTS of research before considering filling out a fox adoption application because not everyone can qualify to adopt a fox. Individuals can sponsor a particular fox and keep up with his/her pictures and videos via Instagram: @saveafox_rescue.

Individuals who sponsor a particular fox, send its monthly care fees or a couple people can get together and all ‘part sponsor’ a particular fox.

I rescue from fur farms beginning April each year. That is when the kits (baby foxes) start being born. We do not always know in advance what will be available for rescuing. I have gone to the fur farm and taken pictures of some of the different colored adults to be expecting kits. Visit the Fox Fur Colors page for estimated adoption cost for particular fur colors.


Foxes are suffering at fur farms. But you can help! I encourage you to take a look at the pictures of what it is like for a fox at the fur farm. By making a donation you can help the already rescued fur farm foxes thrive. Without donations, I cannot keep up with all the food, medical expenses, and housing for these foxes. Or YOU can rescue your own fur farm fox by adopting or sponsoring.

Although fur farms are not illegal in the USA you can still help bring an end to the fur industry simply by not buying fur. Eighty-five percent of fur available for purchase comes from the animals living in the fur industry with the fox being one of the most commonly used.

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