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My name is Reanna Cole (Morgan). I was Mikayla’s assistant and roommate at SaveAFox from August 2017 to April 2018. I had always been interested in working with foxes but had very little hands-on experience. The first time I met a fox was at a wildlife sanctuary when I was 17. I began my journey of researching foxes from there. I met Mikayla in early 2017 and adopted my first two foxes Rowyn and Thystle. From there Mikayla and I continued our friendship.

The rescue went through some big changes at the end of 2017 and in August Mikayla reached out to me and asked me to move from Oklahoma to Minnesota to help with the rescue. I dropped everything and moved 800 miles to live at SaveAFox 2 weeks later.

At SaveAFox my main duties were daily fox care. I woke up early every morning and fed and watered the foxes and let them out of their kennels for playtime. I also cleaned the kennels. In the evening this must all be done again and the foxes must be put away for the night. In winter months water must be changed several times a day to keep the foxes hydrated, this can be a tedious task in the subzero temperatures we face in MN. Aside from the everyday tasks I also helped with all the projects we have going on from welding new fence panels to helping guide volunteers that spend their time helping us.

I have now moved back to Oklahoma, so even though I am no longer living at SaveAFox. My duties here at SaveAFox now are helping with the Facebook page, I handle some of the messages we receive, and trying to reply to all comments when people are asking questions both here and on the rescue's Instagram (@saveafox_rescue) so you may see me (clevyr_creatures) popping in to help here and there on Instagram questions. I also still help with anything else I can from here in Oklahoma. I am eager to visit the rescue and volunteer as often as I can, even though I no longer live at the sanctuary. Working with SaveAFox has been the greatest adventure of my life.


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SaveAFox Rescue
12245 175th St. W.
Lakeville, MN 55044

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