SaveAFox will provide a place for lost pet foxes that have been found and/or brought to our facility.

In the event that your lost pet fox is brought to us, the procedure to recover your pet fox from us is as follows:


1.) Owner must identify fox by providing current photographs or clear description of the fox. Please email for the quickest response time.


2.) Furnish all necessary paperwork for fox ownership. A photo ID, fox's current veterinary records, purchase or proof of ownership paperwork, and your current city or county's permit/license for fox ownership, as applicable.

3.) Pay all applicable fees, including:

  • Initial pickup fee of $25.00 (if SaveAFox performed pickup of your fox upon it being found)

  • A housing charge of $65/day will be assessed

  • Any necessary medical care expenses. Please note: If your fox is over 6 months of age with no proof of any vaccinations, your fox will be seen by our veterinarian for vaccinations and a $150.00 charge will be assessed before releasing your fox back to you.

If your fox is found to be in need of immediate medical attention, the fox will receive the necessary veterinary care. You will be responsible for payment of the amount of the emergency veterinary bill prior to your fox being released to you. A $75.00 charge for transportation to and from emergency veterinary care will be added to your total.


We do everything we can to find the rightful owner of lost-found foxes.

A fox is considered surrendered pursuant to MN Statutes 346.37

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