We provide a place for found lost pet foxes.

Requirements if a pet fox is found and brought to us or we pick up.

Original owner must identify, bring their paperwork, and their cities permission or permits on legal ownership of fox in their area of residency.


If your fox is over 6 months of age with no proof of any vet care (vaccines) it is $150 to release your fox back to your custody.


Pick up and housing charge (within 25 miles of our sanctuary) is $100.


It is then $65 a day while your fox is here.


If your fox comes here needing immediate medical attention the fox will get vet care and fees must be paid before pick up. Receipt will be given to you and an additional $75 is added to the vet bill for driving to and from vet, time at the vet, and after care.


If we have the fox for 30 days and no one has stepped forward to claim the fox or hasn’t picked the fox up the fox then belongs to Saveafox Rescue and we will be finding a forever home for the fox.


We do everything we can to find the rightful owner of lost-found foxes.

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