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  • All volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years old

  • All volunteers and guests must sign a liability waiver before visiting.

  • No children are allowed in or around fox pens or animal enclosures without their parent or guardian.

  • Please empty your pockets before entering the fox enclosure (entire fenced area). No purses, wallets, weapons, cigarettes, food, or drinks inside fox pens. No smoking and no littering!

  • Wear appropriate attire. Be mindful these animals may chew, tear, or damage clothing and shoes.

  • No crowding around fox pens. No screaming, talking loudly, shouting, running. This may frighten some foxes and stress them out.

  • No putting hands in cages or animal faces. No touching foxes or entering animal enclosures without direct permission from SaveAFox management. And please, no more than two persons in or near a fox kennel at a time.

  • No climbing fences, trees, or animal structures.

  • No entering the sanctuary residence without permission.

  • Please understand this is not a petting zoo and these are sensitive unpredictable animals. Many have been taken out of horrible situations. Behaviors that cause these animals stress will not be tolerated.

  • Children and adults not following guidelines will need to leave.

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