Cat Sponsorship

Our list of cats available for sponsorship or adoption is always changing; for a list or photos of cats in need please see our Instagram or Facebook page. These are updated frequently and will have the most current cat information. 

"Bullitt" is a beautiful little barn cat who was fixed and adopted

out through SaveAFox's cat sponsorship & adoption program.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of SaveAFox's cats or kittens, please fill out the form below!

Due to being located remotely and being nestled into vast farmland in central Minnesota, SaveAFox Rescue often finds itself home to feral cats and kittens who make their way here, seeking shelter in the structures on our property.

We then do our best to see that these sweet animals receive a spay or neuter, and also make sure that they are safe. These cats make wonderful pets and deserve a lifetime of safety, care, and love! So, while we hope to find forever homes for them, they become part of our care, and with that, their expenses too.  Cat sponsorship covers all of the expenses of caring for and socializing these great little kitties prior to letting them be adopted to homes. While they are unable to stay inside our rescue property's house, they inherently  know to avoid the fox yards, instead sticking to the perimeter of the property, far from the foxes. 

Cat sponsorship is $60 per month and includes monthly photos and current updates. Please note that sponsorship of a cat, unlike foxes, does not permit the sponsor ownership or rights to the cat or say in its adoption.


To sponsor, please fill out the form below. This is not a binding agreement and sponsorship may be terminated at any time. If possible, we ask that you alert us 30 days prior to ending your sponsorship.


If you have any questions regarding sponsoring or adoption of one of our cats or kittens, please email