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Meet Nikita and learn about grey foxes!

Did you know Nikita is a “grey fox”?

Grey fox is “Urocyon cinereoargenteus”. Grey foxes are not “true foxes”. They are “paraphyletic” foxes.

To put it simply, this means they are closely related to foxes but not in the family “Vulpes”.

Vulpes is the genus that all true foxes such as Red Fox, Arctic Fox, and Fennec Fox belong to.

There are 12 species of “true foxes” and around 30 species of animals we refer to as foxes but aren’t. They are canids similar to foxes but not quite the same. They don’t have a different common name.

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1 Comment

Serenity Spivey
Serenity Spivey
Jan 19, 2022

the foxes are so cute!

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