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SaveAfox Rescue
Design contest
has CLOSED! 
A huge thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!

At SaveAFox, we often receive emails from incredible artists and designers who want to offer up their skills and talents in order to help us create merchandise to fund the rescue.  We are so appreciative of our follower base, and since reaching 300,000 this week, our team has decided to open up a tee shirt design contest to our Instagram followers!  If you're an artist who has reached out to us to offer your work, we would love for you to enter! And if you don't consider yourself much of an artist, but still enjoy the merchandise in our FoxShop, then we hope you will join in and vote when it is time!

For our next tee, we are looking for creative, clean, appealing designs that feature a fox/foxes, as well as the words "SaveAFox" or "SaveAFox Rescue" in the design.  Designs must be appropriate for all ages, and not include text or script other than the aforementioned. The rest of the creativity is up to you!


All entries received will be screened by the SaveAFox Team, and up to nine (9) entries will be selected to be featured in a multi-slide post on SaveAFox Rescue's Instagram account, where a winner will be selected by votes from our followers!  This contest is open to participants of all ages, anywhere in the world.

The winner of the design contest will receive $100.00 (USD), two tees featuring their winning design, and their name, website, social media handles etc. will be credited according to their preferences in both our FoxShop and YouTube Channel Merch Shelf!


1.) SaveAFox's First Ever Design Contest is open to followers anywhere in the world. Contest begins May 13th, 12:01 pm Central Time. Entry cutoff is June 7, 2020 at 11:59pm Central time zone. No entries will be accepted after this time. 

2.) Entrants must submit a complete entry form in order to be eligible. Multiple entries per participant are allowed, but each entry must be submitted separately. Entry form consists of a.) Design entrant's contact information and completed design release form; and b.) high quality .png (preferred) or .jpeg digital image with 300dpi print quality. Entries received via email or other electronic messaging will not be considered.  SaveAFox is not liable for any errors in the submission process. You will receive a confirmation email upon completed entry.

3.) All designs will be reviewed by SaveAFox's Team members and a max of nine (9) designs will be chosen to be featured on SaveAFox's official Instagram account. Our Team will choose and notify (via instagram messaging) 9 finalists whose designs have met the following criteria:

  • Generally appealing and appropriate for all audiences

  • Features fox imagery - how you decide to incorporate a fox/foxes into your design is completely up to you!

  • The word "SaveAFox" or "SaveAFox Rescue" being used as part of the design

  • Original artwork only! Please no photographs or filtered/altered/digitally reproduced photographs. Any copyright infringement will automatically disqualify an entry. Entries will be examined for originality.

  • Designs may contain the artist's signature permitting that the signature is discrete and not intended as part of the design. Only names, pseudonyms, nicknames, pen names, or initials are suitable as the artists signature. No websites or social media handles will be permitted within the design.

4.) Voting will take place 12:01am June 11th 2020 until June 14th 2020 11:59pm central timezone.  Votes will be cast in the comments section of a designated SaveAFox post in which all entries will be featured as numbered slides, and presented in no particular order of preference from Team SaveAFox. Winner will be announced at 8:00pm June 16th, 2020.

5.) SaveAFox Followers may vote once per account. Eligible votes will be made by leaving one (1) comment indicating which slide/number a user chooses to vote for. 

6.) Votes will be counted by Team SaveAFox and the entrant whose design gathers the most votes will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, one of the tied contestants will be chosen at random.

7.) Submission of an image gives SaveAFox Rescue permission to use the image as seen fit, including, but not limited to the above terms. Any future use of submitted imagery will be credited according to the preferences indicated when submitting the design. Entrants may withdraw their decision to be credited at any time by requesting so in writing.

8.) Contest participants recognize that their submission does not constitute any agreement with or obligation by SaveAFox to use the image. 


9.) Contest participants recognize that no compensation (monetary or other) is due for an entry unless explicitly stated above.

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